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Functional DIY Wood Projects

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Do you want to make your own gifts or maybe just small personalized things for yourself. I say go for it! But where do you begin? What can you make? Here are the top three everyday functional items that are my favorite to burn on and a great place to start your pyrography journey!


I began my pyro journey with designing coasters. They are small enough of a project to not overwhelm. Can be made on variety of woods. With or without bark edge. Then finished with spar varathane to make them moisture resistant. Here are a few of my favourite wood suppliers that I love to use:


Once I realized pyrography is my passion, I was literally dreaming of all products and wood items I could burn a design on. What did I have around the house that I was going to use? Baking being my other passion, my brain naturally went to things in kitchen. Which led me spoons. And believe me I haven't looked back. They are easy available at many online retailers and come in all kids of shapes and sizes. Plus they are fairly inexpensive, which make them a great place to start wood burning!


My aha! moment came one day with realization that cork is wood too, so I must be able to burn on it, right? Of course you can. Tried my hand at a cork trivet and the burn tool glided on it what I like to say "knife on butter". Since then I have also made huge (almost 3 x5 ft) wall art on cork. That should tell you how easy and wonderful burning on cork is. My favourite place to get cork trivet is Ikea.

Like with all pyrography, make sure you follow the safety precautions set out by the manufacturer on the machine. Wear a proper mask, make sure the room is well ventilated and use an air purifier so you don't end up breathing the smoke that wood burning creates.

Want to Learn How to Wood Burn?

Grab a DIY Prettyful Box to get started with ease! This kit comes with everything you need to learn the art of pyrography!

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