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How To Find Inspiration

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

We have all heard of a writers’ block. Even the best of creators get stuck and need inspiration. However, have you ever wondered what inspiration is, or where it comes from? Isn’t it the same as motivation? When is someone inspired? How are they inspired?

Dictionary definition: INSPIRATION is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something.

Think of it as needing a little more gas as you start going uphill. That little extra push, the

oomph! That oomph is all around us. In everyday objects in your home. Really!! For example My office desk has a table cover, that I am literally just now observing closer than I have ever before, that has little floral patterns that I can absolutely incorporate in one my products. Sometimes, all it takes is too look around.

There are often times when I am drawing a mandala and for the life of me won’t be able to

figure my next pattern. Guess what? It’s time to get some inspo. I will walk away from the

drawing, and roam around in my house. If my eyes are not picking up anything in that moment, I will start to flip through old pictures.

On my last trip to India, I managed to snap a bazillion photos! There were designs and patterns and colors everywhere and I wanted to capture them all. Textiles, bill boards, dresses, furnishing, jewelry, restaurant décor… The list is endless. I felt naturally inspired by everything around me.

Where do you feel naturally inspired?

India was a place that gave me the oomph I needed. These are the moments you need to allow yourself and your brain the freedom to roam. Soak it in. Get a closer look. Take photos for when you need them!

For some, a walk in the forest or hiking is freeing and inspiration is everywhere in nature. For others, it can be a busy city street that does the trick. For me, my culture brings me joy

Returning back home and searching for inspiring things where I live definitely took me some practice. If you are accustomed to seeing things a certain way on a daily basis, it will take some training to change your mindset and see things in a new light. Believe you me, once done there’s no going back. The possibilities are endless.

So we talked about where to get inspiration. But how are you going to use it. You see a pattern you like, now what?

Let me give you an example: let's take the aforementioned table cloth pattern. It almost looks like a floral design framing a picture. And I am thinking it will make a great layout for wedding party gifts. Imagine a a wood frame with this design wood burnt and colored using the wedding theme colors. Another might be simply using the corners, or taking a cue from the design and pattern but changing the shape of flowers to hearts.

You see, it's one design/pattern but unlimited choices. My brain is playing tricks and I am thinking of ideas even as type this article. Now I want to go make them all!

Hope I have inspired you to create a masterpiece now. I would love to see where your inspiration takes you. Don't forget to tag @prettyful.creations with your work.

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