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Madison Magazine Feature!

I am so proud and happy to announce that I got featured in the Madison Magazine!

In summary I have been burning for about 5 years as a hobby. Click here to learn more about what got me into pyrography (and how you can get started too!)

I love to sell my work at local markets, online and I also offer classes, sharing and teaching my passion for wood burning (and other mixed media). Click here to see what in-person classes I have coming up!

I got approached by the magazine company and was enthralled.

I showed the magazine to a coworker and they asked, "so, how did this come about? Did the magazine contact you and say we like your stuff and would like to feature you?"

Guys, that's exactly how it happened.

Unbeknownst to me, one of my Instagram followers is Madison Magazines associate editor @maija.inveiss. Sometime back in fall she would message me via my website asking if I was interested in being featured.

My instant reaction, "Nah, this is a spam. These things don't happen to me." Secretly also hoping for it to be true. Mind you, I had no idea who Maija was. I found myself quickly researching the name with a little apprehension and excitement at the same time. Sure enough I found her and some of her articles. I was delighted. Of course! I agreed and Maija scheduled an interview. We chatted over zoom. One step led to the next. I had an amazing photo session with Nikki of @nicolehansenphotos, who is not only a great photographer but also a kind and wonderful person!

All this while I am still thinking they are going to scrap the idea. But, the new year rolled in and here it is!! The January issue with Prettyful Creations is getting a full spread. I couldn't be more proud, happy and on top of the world.

The article begins with explaining how I got started with wood burning. Who knew that just a few years ago, I had never heard of this art form before. Now, years later it has become my side hustle and my happy place.

The feature also touches on my specialty of mandala making, and how I like to share this part of my culture and open doors for some very meaningful conversations.

Get your hands on magazine copy here.

Or subscribe online here.

Speaking of online, how awesome is this that around the time I was interviewing with Madison magazine, the editor for online publication Northerly got in touch with me as well.

Now what are the chances of that!?

Northerly is "An online magazine celebrating family life in Wisconsin. Live well, live true, #livenortherly."

Here is a snippet from the article by Katie Vaughn:

"Just try cooking with one of Gauri Bansal’s wooden spoons without smiling.
Whether it’s burned with a beautiful henna or mandala-inspired design or a phrase like “All about that basil” or “Just dill with it,” you can tell the woman who created it has a warm heart and a playful spirit."

Northerly is must read publication and what's better the subscription is FREE

Last but not least I will say that 2021 has been one amazing, exciting and sometimes nerve racking year. See what's in store for Prettyful Creations next, stay in contact.

Read more of what I have up to here

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