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Prettyful Creation Freebies!

Did you know that coloring in and doodling is a form of meditation?

Do you want to practice mindfulness through art?

Check out all my FREE mandala designs you can use for coloring in or for taking mindfulness to the next level and burning these designs onto wood!

These designs are meant to be simple and easy to use (with the intention of wood burning them) unlike some coloring books and mandala designs found on the web. I wanted to bring these to you because when I began my journey, I found two types of patterns: really childish/simple designs or very complex patterns. I couldn't find anything in between and my quest led me to making my own. I will continue to add more every now and then so keep tuning back or sign up to my newsletter to get updated when a new design is released!

After you download your favorite design(s), head over to the Transfer Techniques blog post to learn how to transfer the design onto wood and use pyrography to bring it to life!

See below for one idea of what you can do with a mandala design. I used a heat transfer method to the wood slice below and then burnt it using pyrography to make a coaster. Easy peasy!

Want to learn how to draw your own mandala?? Or want to learn how to burn? Click Here to get started.

Get creative. To find ideas to burn check out @prettyful.creations, pinterest @prettyfulcreations and for that in hand book feel The Wood Burn Community Book of Templates is a must have. Compiled by Rachel Strauss of Wood Burn Corner this book brings together 34 artists and 50+ original designs for non commercial use.

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