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Dive into the world of traditional henna with my hand-rolled cones. Made from the finest henna powder, they're all about giving you that authentic, deep stain.


Fun fact: I'm all about sustainability. That's why I sometimes use clean, washed plastic bags to craft these cones. It's tradition meeting eco-consciousness!

Experience the richness of Asian Indian culture, one henna design at a time.

🌱 Color: Deep, earthy hues

🌱 Two ingredients, that's it!

1. Natural mehndi (henna) powder 

2. Black tea or coffee
🌱 Eco-friendly: Crafted with repurposed plastic bags


Show off your henna masterpiece! Tag us with #PrettyfulCreations and let's celebrate tradition togetherFresh mehndi paste, always made-to-order!

Absolutely no PPD (p-phenylenediamine)!

Storage: Store in cool, dry place; Can be stored for more than 6 months in the freezer!

Henna Cones

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